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Have you tried self-help, but it let you down?  Are you at odds with your partner?  If you’re considering individual therapy, relationship counseling, marriage counseling, or couples therapy, Dr. Joy Davidson can help.  Perhaps sex therapy is on your mind because relationship issues now affect your sex life (or vice versa). Are you struggling with lost passion, mismatched sexual desire, sexual performance or pleasure?  Dr. Joy has the warmth, wisdom and vast experience to help you successfully address these challenges or any others.

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You’ll find Dr. Joy’s educational, informative and juicy articles on relationships and sexuality here and around the internet. But you won’t want to miss her Blog for a more personal perspective on love, sex, media and the madness of life.

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Dr. Joy Davidson currently maintains a private practice in New York City, serving the New York and New Jersey area. However, she is able to extend her reach beyond the New York Metro Area through Skype sessions! She specializes in personal therapy, relationship counseling, and sex therapy and continues to write and produce articles, books, and videos on a range of subjects, including love, sex, relationships, marriage, and divorce. A wealth of these materials are available to help educate the general public and even more are available to members of her L4 Club.

Dr. Joy welcomes individuals and couples from all walks of life and has extensive therapeutic experience with various issues including: relationship problems, physical attraction and desire, sexless marriages, infidelity and cheating, the importance of confidence and romance, and resolving conflicts or fighting. She offers traditional therapy sessions as well as short-term Intensives for couples. These are very focused and directive private workshops for two people in relationship. Dr. Joy also works with clients on issues like dating, divorce, open relationships, rekindling chemistry, family issues, enhancing sexual pleasure and orgasm—and even basics like kissing and getting healthier.

No matter your marital status, age, gender, or sexual orientation - Dr. Joy is here to help! Please enjoy this educational website as a great resource for you on your journey toward wellbeing. Be sure to check out Dr. Joy’s Blog where she shares personal anecdotes and, of course, don’t forget to check out her brand new Membership Program that offers additional perks. There’s even a page where you can Ask Dr. Joy a question or view answers to other people’s questions each month - so come back and visit us often!