I maintained a consulting practice in New York and Los Angeles through 2018, doing ongoing work with individuals and couples. I also helped clients who lived outside my locale via Skype video-conferencing. In addition, I specialized in short-term therapy and/or sex therapy Intensives for couples. Since the end of 2018, I have been living in the UK. Consequently, all of my consultations are via video links.

A couple’s Intensive is a bit like a private workshop for just the two of you. It’s designed to be focused and directive, enabling radical shifts in self-awareness, knowledge and perspective in a relatively brief period of time. Intensives may also include what is known as “sex coaching,” or “intimacy mentoring,” but can also go more deeply into issues that only a trained psychotherapist is equipped to explore with you.

I have been in practice for over twenty years as an individual psychotherapist, a relationship therapist, a sex therapist and coach. I am experienced and comfortable working with all forms of personal, relational and sexual styles—from traditional to alternative. Everyone is welcome in my practice and labels need not apply. My style is warm, open, and direct. A close colleague once said that she refers people to me because I am both “compassionate and tough.” I probably would have said “straightforward”—but, either way, the description fits.

In addition to the aforementioned expertise, I have special knowledge and experience working with people in the creative & entertainment arts, those in the financial world—including traders and other risk-managers, and military or ex-military individuals and couples.

If you’d like to know more about the three primary types of counseling, please click on the links to visit the pages covering the topics summarized below:

Individual Therapy

People come to see me when something isn’t quite right in their lives; when they’ve tried to “fix” the problem, yet it lingers. There are as many variations on that theme as there are people with unique, complex and colorful lives. But no matter the individual details, they call me because they’re struggling to cope with distressing situations and feelings, or have trouble connecting with others at home or at work.

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Relationship Therapy

Differences in the way you and your partner behave, think, and communicate can be challenging to your relationship, especially over time. Although you might hope your troubles clear up on their own, the truth is that when left alone to simmer, relationship difficulties tend to get worse. Feelings of rage, sadness, confusion and blame can take on a life of their own. That’s when couples often ask me to help them bring their relationship back from the brink.

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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy addresses the needs of both individuals and couples who have concerns about their sexual desires, relationships, pleasures or performance.  Often, couples who have great relationships but want to “spice up” and otherwise improve the sexual side of intimacy will work with a sex therapist as a “sex coach” to help them gain inspiration, ideas and skills. Other times, sex therapy is one aspect of psychotherapy and couples counseling.

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