Among the great, timeless human questions, such as…
What is the meaning of life?
Is there life after death?
…only one has consumed all men and plagued our most brilliant thinkers:

Does Size Matter?

Like all the greatest existential questions, this one provokes heated debate. Size is irrelevant, insist some, while others assert that not only does size matter, but that a simple pill can transform a man from meager to massive.

Can this be true? Can a simple capsule really make a man larger? Well, actually, no. Unfortunately, the truth about those well-advertised supplements bears little resemblance to the hype.

What’s in Those Magic Capsules and What Do They Do?

There are many products marketed to increase that “certain part” of a man’s body. While each formulation is somewhat different, the active ingredients tend to be of three variations:

post_maleenhancenutritionals to increase penile blood flow: You might view these as the natural alternatives to the little blue pill. In theory, enhancing blood flow means that erections will be firmer, fuller and therefore, the erect penis will look larger. However, this is no miracle, and certainly produces no permanent changes. Stop the pill and blood flow goes back to the previous norm. Plus, if one is at an age when blood flow and erectile capacity is at maximum, supplements will have little or no effect.

Herbs or nutritionals with hormonal actions: Some herbs enhance the body’s production of sex hormones such as testosterone. These non-steroidal alternatives to taking big T may increase sex drive and vigorousness of erections, also leading to the perception of increased size.

Herbs or nutritionals to increase energy: There’s nothing wrong with feeling more vital and perhaps more sexually inclined. But increased vitality is not the same as the advertised size enhancement.

Any of these ingredients taken alone or in combination may be helpful or harmful, depending on your age, physical health, hormonal balance, and other conditions. None of these enhancement preparations have been studied or approved by the FDA, and there is no way to know, without consulting your own doctor, whether the ingredients in the supplements alone or in interaction with other medications could cause severe side affects.

If superior blood-flow or a hormone boost is what you’re after, these results can be achieved pharmaceutically under medical supervision far more safely. Plus, you might incur less expense over the long term than taking costly supplements which, when discontinued, cease to provide any benefit.

Supplements Plus Penis-Stretching Exercise

Much chatter can be found on the internet about hand exercises designed to stretch the internal structures of the penis, aiming to add length over time. Some proponents of “jelqing” advise taking supplements in conjunction with these exercises to increase blood flow, thus oxygenating and feeding penile tissues to promote better recovery between exercise sessions. However, all stretching techniques demand consistency; exercises must be repeated multiple times per day over a period of months, and most men flag after a few weeks of effort. But even if focus can be sustained, the danger in attempting to alter penile structure can’t be underestimated. Although jelqing may be safer than some other methods, it can lead to penile injury, scar formation, pain and impotence. Plus, there are no scientific studies that actually show this approach to effectively increase penis size. Other methods of stretching – such as those using weights and traction devices – can also cause permanent damage. Although they are enthusiastically touted via marketing websites, no scientific studies have shown these techniques to increase penis size.

All of this adds up to the fact that we should probably add one more item to any list of timeless human questions: How do you spot a scam? In the realm of “male enhancement” I think the answer is: If someone makes any promises, buyer beware!